Monday, May 22, 2017

Important and often forgotten

It doesn't matter whether your home is 1,000 sq .ft. or 5,000 sq. ft., there is one thing that is often ignored by sellers that creates a negative feeling for potential buyers. By not decluttering closets you create a feeling of a lack of space.  

Yes, buyers open closet doors and the sight of too many clothes crammed into a single closet instantly gives a buyer a feeling of an overall lack of storage space in the entire home. 

It won't cost you a dime, only a little time.


Decluttering closets by packing away unused clothing is another step in the right direction to secure offers from potential buyers.      

If you haven't worn something in a long time, perhaps it's time to sell it, give it away or at least pack it away.  Also, with spring here remove all clothing that won't be used until next fall/winter.  This will not only make your closet look sufficient in size to potential buyers, but you're one step closer to a smooth moving day by starting your packing now.   

Coming to grips with the stuff we keep


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